Saturday, June 25, 2011

congrats to strausser!

Hopefully, most of you have heard of the RAAM (race across america) Race.  Well, if you haven't, its easily the most brutal cycling race on the planet.  Riders ride from the West coast of America to the East coast on little to know sleep in 23+ hour marathons of racing.  This year, Christoph Strausser dominated RAAM with a time of 6 days 11 hours and 3 minutes.  To put that into perspective, that was 2432 miles in 6 days 11 hours and 3 minutes.  Riders are forced to fight hallucination, fatigue, saddle sores and their own worn out judgement of what their body & mind are capable of - my kind of race.  A great book on the subject is The United States of Delirium, available here:

US of Delirium

PS:  Jure Robic was sadly missed this year.  RIP dude.

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