Thursday, August 26, 2010

a lesson in stupidity

This is a good way to die, well, not a good way but at least a predictable way. No lights, a good amount without helmets and full speed go on the 405 = what did you think was going to happen? And then here's the lesson: You're not teaching motorists anything, you're serving your own fleeting interests and you'll most likely look back on this with a baby-boomers mindset of "what was I thinking". Just stop it:

Dancing and tarking will never mix, but keep doing it, anyhow - its always a really good find/laugh when you do:

While deeply rooted in irony, it is apparent that the subject's true desires are to get a bit of the cola cash to buy a Superstar cog & some jeans. However, selling out is rarely a good thing, and a lesson can be learned from this tarker's experiment. A note to all of you, be weary of where the money comes from, and don't think that you got a free lunch:

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