Friday, August 27, 2010

how to be forgettable in under 3 minutes

You can start with running busy intersections for no reason whatsoever. Then you can do time lapses cut with barspinzzz. Third, I can recognize you, and tease you the next time we cross paths. Finally, I can just turn off your video because I'm bored & then of course, forget about it:

sMc promo 2 from JBall on Vimeo.

Another way is to incorporate smooth healing music into your seriously discounts anything that you're saying. And I'm sure that this dude is awesome, just getting the feeling that he has some great stories, but the instructional video is ridiculous & unnecessary - seriously, who's starting off clipless on their tarkcs?:

Thank goodness that there isn't much more out there, today. Too tired.


Anonymous said...

thats my video, you know we just like to ride for fun and love making videos, we made that video trying not to use all of our good footage for the full length were working on, have you seen our other videos? cause they have more of our good footage. and on your 48 hours video you went through a busy intersection for no apparent reason also, i love doom and hearing these comments coming from you guys especially doesnt exactly make us feel good

seth said...

hey were just little kids doing what we think is fun trying to show off our style, you guys did some of the same shit we did, but whatever thanks for getting our video out there