Monday, April 19, 2010

what's going on here?

I usually internalize the pain that I feel from bad builds, but this put me to the limit - $3500 worth of frame with $400 worth of parts. these days:


Thibaut said...

He is not a kid...
He is actually a very good rider with lots of humour and high tendencies to create polemics...
Enjoy! ;-)

councilofdoom said...

I figured it was something like that, but you never know these days. My first guess was that he worked for Origin 8.

lelaureat said...

i'm doing what i want with my bike, anyway, i have pay my frame set, 300e,and i have realized this just for fun (yes i was working with origin8 that's why ;-)), but today, i have change my config, if you want to see the update :

next time, verify what you say before post bullshit, internet is small you see.

Brendan said...

Internets are serious buisness.

Maybe you should think before posting ugly bike photos.

Internet is small, much like your brain.

lulz at you