Monday, May 30, 2011

new climbs, more shitty photos

More shit photos from a really cold ride. While most of the world is heating up well into the nineties, I'm still suffering through 30 degree weather with 5 fresh inches of snow on the ground. All the same, I decided to hit a solid climb this morning that I've yet to do. This climb has around 1200' of gains in under 3 miles - it was fairly brutal, especially with the weather making my legs stiff and getting pelted with snow & hail from the middle of the climb till the end. That's the difficulty of alpine riding - you never can predict the weather for the high elevations. This change in the weather made for a really tricky descent. The roads are still littered with potholes, and it was really wet and icy at points. All this spells trouble when your hands and face are freezing, and you're hitting speeds in the upper 40's. My solution has been lower PSI (around 90-100). I can't wait for a real summer.

These Barrier Lite covers were my savior today. Coupled with Smart Wool socks, and my feet didn't freeze off of my legs:

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