Thursday, April 14, 2011

allez means go slowly for cheap

This has been a long work in progress, but I'm finished dumping money into this thing for now.  Its pretty much full Ultegra, and I've gotten a 27lbs bike down to 19.05lbs.  I need to convert this over to STI shifters someday, but it works for now:

Cockpit:  Deda Shallow, Thomson X2 100mm, Fizik SoftTouch
Wheels:  Mavic Ksyrium Elite, Specialized FlackJacket, Ultegra 7600 12-28 10sp
Chain:  Ultegra 7600 10sp
Cranks:  Ultegra Compact
Derailleur:  Ultegra 7600
Seatpost:  Thomson Masterpiece
Saddle:  Selle San Marco Concor Light

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