Sunday, March 27, 2011

breakin' it down for you

My favorite guy in the world has a new video declaring What's Hot and What's Not in the bag world.  He's touting the BLAQ bag as the most extreme thing ever made, and the the WheelMan line as quite bourgeois.  As usual, there's a great amount of "that's what she saids", misinformation and general face palming.  I should also note that Mr. Garrison hates my guts, and that makes these posts even more so funny:

"so im a month late on this since i really could care less about your blog. but next time your down to talk shit say it to my face. you realize there are a ton of kids that arent rich lil OC fuck like all of you."

Apparently, Mr. Garrison is not commuting to school with his Blaq bag.  Also, in the event that you don't think I have any reputable information on this subject, I was working with these guys since day 1:

Exhibit A:

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