Saturday, February 5, 2011

what color fixie should i get?

I don't know if its the lack of sleep or incredulous nature of this "video", but it has me  in stitches right now.  Why is it that dubstep seems to make everything ridiculous and, most importantly, hilarious?  I fear this generation coming up - they seem to be unable to make any decisions for themselves, even those as arbitrary & self- fulfilling as the color of their bicycle.  The need for acceptance is more vast than their consumption of inhalants & parentally-pinched pharmaceuticals.  Comment and let him know what color!

reminds me of this:

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Alden said...

In Fort Worth, TX, the fixie craze hasn't really caught on. I ride one but I'm certainly not an elitist like some fixie fans are. But dubstep spread like wild fire here almost immediately as I graduated high school in 2010, almost all my friends started going to raves and they're just not the same after all the MDMA consumption.

It left me wishing the fixie craze caught on instead =/