Wednesday, February 2, 2011

spread the word

“18 year old Norco resident Tyler Rosen is in a medically induced coma, the victim of an apparent hit and run driver. The accident happened around 230 Monday afternoon when a vehicle that was northbound on Norco Dr apparently ran over the youth. Somewhere near Alhambra St for unknown reasons it appears that the driver veered to the other side of the street. Skid marks tell the direction. The driver fled, and the family is left to wonder what happened.
Tyler, an avid BMX rider, was known for his daring stunts, but his friends and family never thought that he would be injured in this way.
At a candlelight vigil on Friday night, emotions ran high. The family has been extremely frustrated by what they see as a lack of response from the Riverside Sheriffs Department. Five days after the incident they still don’t know what happened to their son, and they are questioning the effort that has been made by the Riverside Sheriffs department. A witness describes how the driver looked back at Tyler who was critically injured, and left him. The family, frustrated by the Sheriff’s response, is asking for the publics help. if you know anything about this tragedy they are urging you to contact the Riverside Sheriffs Department. They are hoping that if enough people express their outrage, that someone will be brought to justice.”

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