Tuesday, February 8, 2011

an adventure in small mindedness

i feel sorry for the cg boys when i see things like this - they could tell you why:

Alec Aranowitz bike check and riding from Alec Aranowitz on Vimeo.


rade said...

this is better than your shitty doom video

councilofdoom said...

Right. Let me know when you've shown your "web edit" in 10 countries at 200 people a pop. Outside of our dick measuring - I hope that you and your friends realize that the point of this blog is to dissuade people from mediocrity. Save your footage for when you have something special to share. I will be the first to admit that in present terms, my movie is far from mind-blowing. However, the work that I was a part of spread around the world, and focused indivuduals like yourself to do something positive and healthy.