Thursday, December 16, 2010

go get you bike & gohek!

wtf does that even mean?  I feel that something was lost in the translation.  I have to say, that I thought the video the other day practiced all of the cliches of tarcking.  Sadly though, this one has one up'd it in the mediocrity department - which will stand as its only achievement on its final resume.

GOHEK! (Terengganu Fixie Gear) EP Trailer [LD] from GOHEK! on Vimeo.

It also get's me when a clip is listed as a "trailer" - trailer for what?  An entire movie of this would be intolerable, and could only, possibly, be produced for something of this effect:

At the end of the day, the "fixie community" will say nothing, as if this is an important building block of content to bring to their precious Mountain Dew sponsors. I feel that its akin to super liberal activists who watch the video below. They know that its hilarious, but refuse to let themselves laugh:

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iqbal said...

i read about go get you bike&gohek
GOHEK means GO ahead but has been changed by malay that has different slank@noun to gohek..heheh...