Saturday, October 2, 2010


No this isn't a Jerzey Shore acronym, its a fixie thing, bro, like Down to Ride? Something tells me that these fellas are down to ride to Laguna and back when its exactly 72 degrees out, and there's promise of a good skim sesh when they get there.
As someone who has done some touring, and someone who has planned out the Coast to Coast tour in great detail, I can tell you that these guys are dead in the water if they want to complete it in a reasonable amount of time. That, and they will hampered by constantly riding off of every pier that they see. Also, I recognize you guys, and I'm going to do my best to dissuade from this every time that I see you. If I can't, let me know what chapter to fast forward to where I can see you crying in the Appalachians. I could make fun of this a whole lot more, but I've yet to finish my coffee:

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