Wednesday, September 8, 2010

things that I want

I saw these on VeloNews the other day.  They're the new Deda M35, and much like their name would suggest, they're 35mm in diameter compared to Deda's standard 31.7mm.  Because of the diameter, they will only be compatible with the Deda 35 stem.  Can't wait to see these in person, but it will probably be a while.


Photo Courtesy of VELONEWS.COM - photo by Zach Vestal


Luke Clark said...

"So will people actually buy this? Of course they will. The new Deda over-oversized bars are apparently good for "people with big hands, and people with a need for massive stiffness." Logically, this means that people who use them are big and massively stiff in other areas too, and by extension that people who ride using the now-puny 31.8 size are genitally inadequate, or at best are unable to handle "massive stiffness." At this rate, I fully expect Eurobike and the Sex Toy Expo to combine operations by 2020."

Luke Clark said...
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