Saturday, September 11, 2010

In It For the Money: Blackberry

OMFG?! Pick a "culture" any "culture" HEY YOU - YOU NEED A FUCKING BLACKBERRY TO LIVE!!! Seriously, how could you ride a bike without one? How can you enjoy music without one? How would you know what smells are or what it means to fall in love without one?! What was your life prior to having e-farming on Facebook at your fingers while you BBM the cheapest place to buy Gigas cogs? This shit is annoying at best, and I would feel insulted if only I didn't knew that I have no intention on owning a cell phone for sometime to come. I said it before, your life is a T-shirt at best, and your favorite hobby is the soup de jour for the kids doing skids in the video below...enjoy it while you can, and don't forget to spend tons of money needlessly on the way. On the real though, what messenger can afford a phone plan at $110 a month? That's a ton of herion that they're missing out on!

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Crafty said...

Dude, what happened to this blog? It used to have write ups on prominent tour riders from back in the day and interesting stuff about your sweet difisso and other components. Now all it is is a bunch of shit talking about the inane fixed gear videos anyone with access to youtube can find. I agree, there are tons of idiots on track bikes out there. Does that point really need to be begged over and over again?