Saturday, August 28, 2010

a retrospective on filming & small worlds

I frequently do throw back posts on here, and the Jayde Grenade Family are often the focus. Given that its summer time, my thoughts often lead me to riding for shear enjoyment, and this leads me to the fun of their videos. Let's face it, girlfriend skids will always be called Jayde Grenades to me. Regardless, it dawned on me today that I, actually, met one of the kid from this video while filming on Cove Street a few years back. I was filming Jon & Kevin, descending, and this kid with a super-blue bike was yelling & hollering Doom nonsense from below (I was mounted 100' up on a cliff for our shots). He walked up the hill after Jon & Kevedge, and was super enthusiastic & genuine about how he wanted to ride that street before, but thought it would, ultimately, lead to certain failure. Ironically enough, here's a video clip of the same kid getting the gusto to ride it! I fuck off on tons of people here, and point out the absurdity of having done what we've done as a unit; however, its things like this that we stand & stood for - inspiration to do whatever the hell you want to do. Whether it be a stupid bike movie or getting a grant for college - its possible because we made something out of nothing. People frequently disregard the label on our dvd (This is not a fixed-gear movie) out of the perception that we were being ironic. In actuality, this is the embodiement. The dvd was a source to draw inspiration from for any endeavor that you deem worthy. We were a bunch of poverty stricken fuckups that wanted to make a movie at all costs, about something that we loved, and we did. With hard work, you can achieve anything, and this kid happened to ride down a hill that he didn't think he could. Did it change the world? Absolutely not. Did it change his? Maybe.

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