Monday, May 24, 2010

i hate you cadel evans

A little video compilation documenting things that I, really, dislike about Cadel Evans. This one's for you Cadel - our First Diva of Cycling:

Don't Touch Me, Bro!

Translation: "why does this dude have to act like such a bitch all the time?"

And, Evans acting like a little girl again at the Giro:


Blake Stone said...

thanks, I needed a reminder of why I hate Evans so much

andrewsparks said...

Get a life, bro!

Tom Blogt said...

It's a sad day for cycling :(

Milton said...

Very sad day indeed.
Can't believe he got 1 minute and 34 second advantage over Andy..
Andy came in second place 3 times in a row, Andy is who deserves the yellow. Not this dickhead Aussie. He has no right to represent Australia. Next year, he better win it because I freggin' hate second place, and I bet he does too.

On the other side, Andy needs to work on his time trials or he needs a much more bigger attack in the mountains where he can get at least 4 minutes of advantage.

Simon Judd said...

Happy Days.

Oversensitive,yes.. Grumpy, sure.
But, who can blame him. He's got a strong work ethic, a great deal of skill, and has suffered a lot of bad luck over the years.

He is a wiser, more humble and stronger rider than Andy Schleck. The way he caught him on d'huez and crushed him in the TT couldn't have been more poetic and just.

Anyway, haters gonna hate. Eat a fat one kids!

Lots of love from the sunburnt criminal colony.xo