Thursday, May 20, 2010

forgettable fridays: on thursdays

Creepy commentators make this too easy:

I wonder what decade these guys are living in - all of their videos are kickin' jams like Cypress Hill, Sublime, etc. Additionally, I'm getting a real Faggin/ Oliver Twist vibe from this company. Really "cool" confederate flag @ 1:00m BTW:

I didn't have the stomach to finish watching this, but I laugh at anyone "trying out" to be on a "fixie team":

Please don't listen to anything this man tells you...that is unless you happen to find yourself gathering firewood while your lockring slips. Good god:

Its been a little slow lately. I think I'm going to commission Bumsteads to make another product review.

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Tinj said...

Haha all of these videos are ridiculous and the guy in the last video with he stick doesn't even have shoes on! wtf