Saturday, April 24, 2010

things i want

I returned my KNOG N.E.R.D. yesterday - the face contrast was getting intermittent, and I was starting to feel a bit like Gollum when it came to average speed, etc.  Also, I realized that what I'm interested in, when it comes to cycling computers, is only offered in a higher echelon of the industry, ie: gradients, intervals, etc.  That brings me to the Garmin Edge 500.  It might not be completely utilized without a PowerTap to boot, but it looks like the most complete cyclometer on the market, today:


Unless you're a soldier of fortune in the weight wars, you probably haven't heard of WOODMAN PRODUCTS. I have to say that I've heard good things about their products, and with a 75g headset & 100g seatpost, its hard to argue against them. One issue, is that I've never seen these in a shop - ANYWHERE - and they don't make a 26.8mm SP for my Difisso. I'm surprised that more companies haven't used their cradle design:

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