Saturday, April 10, 2010

product review super post

I've been riding some newer stuff over the past 4 months, and I decided to review a few of them today:

KNOG: N.E.R.D 9 Function Computer

I find the Sensor/Transmitter to be a little bit obtuse for the width of my fork blades. However, Its extremely easy to attach & to remove. More importantly, its a cinch to align it with the spoke magnet.

The computer itself works great. Unlike Catlike, I haven't experienced any interference from cars, passing objects or cell phones. Like the transmitter, its simple attach and remove. The interface is simple to navigate, and easy to read.  It was a little difficult to program, and like any computer, I had to do a roll through to determine my wheel size.  I can say that in less than 24 hours, this computer has revolutionized my riding.  I'm keeping stronger paces, and determining my weak points during climbs.   I've been keeping it on average speed, and toggling between distance & max speed. And yes, I hit a Max Speed of 64.5mph this morning - I'm blessed and cursed to live in the middle of 24%+ gradients.  Let this speed be testament to my Difisso, which I'll write about in a minute:


This tire is a pile of shit.  As you can see, I'm already through to the bead in less than 100 miles - 28 of which haven't been city riding at all, and thus, not much skidding.  This is the second, and last, one of these that I will be purchasing.  I wore through the first one in 4 days of commuting to work (16 miles a day).  Don't buy this hunk of junk:


Let me start that I was skeptical of these cranks at first.  But, the more that I researched them, and got feed back from my coworkers, I realized that they are the best purchase that I've made for my bike in a long time.  Before these, I had Sugino 75's w/ a Super Lab Bottom Bracket for almost 4 years.  The Omniums destroy the 75's in terms of stiffness and weight - 825g for the complete setup.  In fact, the Omniums beat everything on the market in weight, as the 825 number includes the Bottom Bracket, Arms and Chainring - yes, that's lighter then the FSA carbons.  Additionaly, these are some of the only outboard bottom bracket CS's on the market today - popularized by Dura Ace 7900/ DI2 road crankset(s).  The only drawbacks are the break-in time for the BB, and the smoothness of the Chainring - I will be purchasing a Sugino Zen Racer CR in the near future.  However, for $235 dollars, C-Record can't touch these for weight or stiffness.  The price makes up for their, relative, ugliness.
Next, the Shimano 105 clipless pedals.  I was lucky enough to get these for free from, fellow Doom Rider, Justin.  I love these pedals!  I've been running them around 2 degrees of float w/ SIDI Genuis II shoes, and they are unbeliavably stiff & tight.  The power I have with these is exceptional, and with the Ominums, I shaved around 900g from my last CS/Pedal setup.  These pedals weigh in around 322g w/ a stainless body.  The only difference between these and the Dura Ace pedals are, basically, the lack of titanium spindles:


Lastly, I'll write a little about my Difisso.  Words cannot express how amazing this bike is.  As I stated earlier, I did 64.5mph this morning on a descent, and I literally had no speed wobbles.  In fact, I almost felt like the bike was challenging my legs to push the gear harder.  Like the Pinarello Prince, this bike wants to go fast, and I really feel lazy dragging it under 20pmh.  The geometry we configured for this model is extremely aggresive without all of the twitchiness of a traditional track frame.  The 28mm rake fork that Giovanni sent me really pushed this frame over the edge, and its been game on for mountain training since then.  This really is the greatest bike that I've ever owned, and if you don't have one, you should get one:


Brendan said...

OHH really homie?
Even at 90 gear/inches you would be doing over 240 rpm.

For reference Cipo (one of the greatest tour sprinters of all time)tops out around 200RPM.

You fast my doggie, but you still human.

Electronic interference is a mofo sometimes.

chuck said...

i agree with brendan 64 seems a wee bit much more like 44 just sayin i topped out at 37 on a small descent on a conversion puch with a 46/16 ratio but no matter what your actual speed i am sure you were bookin it and that you have a wonderful bike there

Kirk Dianda said...

Loving the reviews. Keep 'em coming.