Friday, April 30, 2010

forgettable fridays

First, I have to say that it makes my Friday when I struggle to find material for this segment. This is one of those days, and hopefully, this is playing a small part in reducing idiocy around the world. With that said, we'll all face palm over videos and text today:


I can't really describe how much I hate this rim. For one, its useless as a sprinter's wheel, climber's wheel, trickster's wheel, etc. Heavy - sure. Strong - not really. Big surface area - definitely. This rim is the spinners or "dubs" of the cycling community. Only agreeable with our most base & carnal urges - Americanized - I want a big wheel thingy. There's a reason that you see kids running 26's & Chukkers now - a low profile rim is stronger! Good god, please stop using these things; you're ruining every good build with them. Oh, and lime green anything will never go well with your bike.

Now for some lulz


360 and 360 to fork snap from 010fixedgear on Vimeo.

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