Wednesday, March 31, 2010

tribute tuedays: torey thornton

Sorry for not getting this up, yesterday. I've been sick as dog:

I want to pay my respects to the WRAHW Gorilla himself, Torey "HFWIDO" Thornton. Torey and I go way way back in this fixed-gear thing. I remember him emailing all of the boys about our flickr photos, and asking us questions with such enthusiasm. I remember clearly getting questions about how to trackstand, and then getting videos one month later of him ripping harder then I could, and thinking "how the fuck did that happen?"
Luckily, for all of you, Torey stuck with it, and you all stopped giving him shit about throwing his bike or the way he dresses. The dude brings the positive vibe to the freestyle trick thing, and in my opinion, no one is pushing it harder. No one is more creative or wants it as bad. While I might not engage in this riding myself, anymore, I'm always pumped to what Torey's up to in his new edits. I know that he works hard as hell, and pushes himself despite what anyone thinks is possible. For all of the kids still doing the tricks, you owe Torey a sandwich and a coke.
If you really want to see where this trick thing started; you can see the whole progression in 700cmx by watching his videos in chronological order from 3-4 years back - for every video, that's where tricks were at the time. I can't describe to you how exciting it was getting Torey's footage, and when he started sending me 6 stair footage, the whole game changed. Hats off to you, little buddy. *I wish that the early days vids weren't private.

doom x hfwido from wolfgang on Vimeo.

Winter Mini Edit from Torey Thornton on Vimeo.

hfwido's summer weby 09 from Torey Thornton on Vimeo.

Wrahw GOrilla from Torey Thornton on Vimeo.

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