Friday, December 4, 2009

masters of keirin

Here's a little insight to some of the men who were, and are, a large part of the keirin tradition - master frame builders Yoshi Konno (rip) & Yoshiaki Nagasawa. Konno's 3Rensho bikes are legendary w/ a host of epic riders to boot. Nagasawa also designed for the greatest keirin racer ever, Koichi Nakano. I'll be posting up more about some the other monumental brands, ie: Eimei, Level, Kalavinka, Makino, Pro Cion, etc. Thanks to Mr. Prolly for posting this article on Konno:

And to combat Nagasawa dissing Richard Sachs a bit, here's an article with Richard Sach's on Nagasawa, via Keirin Culture:


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