Thursday, February 5, 2009

out to replication! DVD AVAILABLE MARCH 1 !!!

Look for it at retailers everywhere March 1, 2009

council of doom would like the thank the following people for helping us through this long engagement:
rvca, vestal watch, bike religion, difisso bicycles, blaq design,
vs. social standard, disorderly house, gear brisbane, vas entertainment, eimei, kenta nakamura,
kirk dianda, kyle &, all of our friends in minneapolis, orlando, seattle, phoenix, bryan, honolulu, slc, nyc (you all know who you are) skye mcrae, pm
tenore, dmote, brad blankenship, shannon robertson, nathan napolitono, bastien lattanzio, hot city destroyers, derek boucher, chris fitz, luke stiles, john prolly, andrea schiliro and all of our friends, family and girlfriends. you all helped bring this to fruition. thank you!


zaumi said...

any hint about the price?
could you ship a dvd to germany?


councilofdoom said...

$25USD. We have worldwide distribution. You should be able to purchase on Amazon as of March 1.

The Lazy Dog said...

Hi, would be really glad to retail your DVD... Can you help?